What are the highlights of the Philips Café Gourmet coffeemaker?


The Philips Café Gourmet coffeemaker ensures optimal coffee extraction for a rich aroma and full flavor, 
thanks to the high brewing temperature of the unique Boil & Brew system, 
which reaches a temperature of at least 93°C.

  The Philips coffeemaker has a unique Boil & Brew system.
Water is boiled first and then flows through ground coffee.
Thanks to high brewing temperature of at least 93°C, you get filter coffee with the richest flavor and superior aroma.
The Dual heating element keeps the coffee at the right temperature.
  Drip stop to interrupt coffee brewing whenever you want to pour a cup of coffee.
  Dishwasher-proof parts:
All parts of this Philips coffeemaker are dishwasher-proof for easy and convenient cleaning.

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