Why does the coffee spout not swing to a position over the coffee filter?


If the filter is not fitted correctly, it will block the movement of the coffee spout and make it hard to close the water tank lid. 
Make sure that you place the filter in the filter holder properly.

Follow the instructions below to fit the filter holder correctly.

  Do not place the jug on the hotplate
  Always use the filter holder handle (red) to lift the filter out of the filter holder and lower it into the filter holder.
  Check that the handle of the filter sits properly on the pivot point of the filter holder. See picture.
  Lower the handle and check that the filter is fitted properly. If it is, it will be fitted in the filter holder as shown in the picture.
  In this picture, the filter is not fitted correctly. The filter is still sitting too high in the filter holder. It needs to move further down to enable the coffee spout to swing over the ground coffee when the water tank lid is closed.

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