The pressure sensor seems to have changed from when I first began brushing. Is there a problem with my toothbrush handle?


Your handle may not have a problem.
The pressure sensor can change over time due to a few simple reasons, such as: The handle's pressure sensor technology may automatically adjust itself to your brushing style. Exposure to high temperatures can also result in a change in the pressure sensor. Also, if you have dropped the toothbrush handle, the sensor can change.
In all of these cases, your first step should be to try resetting the pressure sensor. To reset the pressure sensor, use the following procedure:
- Place the handle on a charger that is plugged in to a live outlet
- Hold the Power button, the Up sensitivity button (+), and the Mode button for 2 seconds
- If successful, there will be 3 beeps and the green battery light will flash

If this procedure does not achieve the desired result, the handle will need to be replaced. Contact Philips for a replacement handle.

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