What is the procedure of rectal measurement of a baby’s temperature?


1 Remove the protection cap from the digital thermometer.
2 Lubricate the tip of the digital thermometer with a water-soluble jelly.
3 Press I to switch on the digital thermometer.
4 Lie the baby on its stomach or its side.
5 With one hand, separate the baby’s buttocks. With the other hand, gently slide the tip of
the digital thermometer no more than 12mm (1/2 inch) into the rectum. If you detect any
resistance, stop immediately.
Hold the baby firmly so that it cannot turn while the digital thermometer is inserted.
Never push the flexible tip too far into the rectum.
6 Keep the digital thermometer in place until it beeps.
See section ‘Audible signals’ at the end of this chapter for the meaning of the beeps.
7 Remove the digital thermometer and read the display.
8 Press I to switch off the digital thermometer.

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