I have noticed that my AirFloss seems to need recharging more frequently when I am traveling or have transported it in a case or overnight bag. Is this a common problem? What is the reason for this?


If you have noticed that your AirFloss seems to need more frequent recharging when you travel, you can try a few things.

First, make sure your AirFloss is fully charged prior to travel by placing it on the charger for 24 hours.  This ensures that the charge level is at full capacity. 

Also, if you pack your AirFloss so that it is very tightly packed against other items (such as clothing in your luggage or bag, or in a cabinet, for example), the power button may accidentally be pressed.  This will result in the power gradually depleting, similar to leaving a flashlight switched on.  This will not harm your AirFloss, but it may leave it with little or no charge when you need it.

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