The yellow Calc-Clean light flashes and the appliance beeps every time I press the steam trigger. No steam comes out of the soleplate. What can I do?


The steam function is disabled to protect the appliance from scale because you did not perform the Calc-Clean process within 1 hour after the Calc-Clean light started flashing.
To restore the steam function, perform the Calc-Clean process as shown in the video below.

Important notes before you start the Calc-Clean process:
1. Perform the Calc-Clean process with the Smart Calc-Clean container.
2. Do not leave the appliance unattended during the Calc-Clean process. 

Caution: Do not interrupt the process by lifting the iron up from the Calc-Clean container, as hot water and steam will come out of the soleplate. 

3. Repeat the Calc-Clean process if necessary. Make sure that you empty the Calc-Clean container before you repeat the Calc-Clean process.
4. During the Calc-Clean process, clean water may come out of the soleplate if no scale has accumulated inside the iron. This is normal.

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