What can I do to prevent a cup from leaking?


The cup may leak for more than one reason. Following the guidelines below will help to avoid a leak:

  1. Check the opening of the drinking hole in the valve. The drinking hole must be closed in normal conditions. If the drinking hole remains open, then the valve needs to be replaced.
  2. Check if the parts are correctly assembled. It is important that the valve and the spout are assembled correctly in the screw ring. The valve needs to be pushed onto the spout. Also, after assembly of the spout into the ring, the top of the spout should be smooth with the top of the screw ring.
  3. After assembly, slightly unscrew the screw ring (only one centimeter). Then tighten the cup again. Make sure that the cup is not closed too tight. This is to settle the valve correctly in the ring.
  4. The cups are not suitable for hot, fizzy or pulpy liquids.
  5. Do not use cups with spouts to mix infant formula as this may clog the valve and cause components to leak.

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