The brewed coffee is getting watery or only water comes out. What can I do?


Causes for watery coffee can be influenced by 5 different factors; first time use and Saeco Adapting System, blocked grinder, aroma setting, coarseness of the grinding, the set coffee length. Check below causes and solutions with your machines.

  1. First time use and Saeco Adapting System.   
    If you use the machine for the first time, it is normal that the first 2-3 brewed cups can be watery. This because all internal systems are not yet filled and the Saeco Adapting System needs time to adjust to the preferred settings. The SAS system is a self-adjusting system that allows you to the use of all types of coffee beans available on the market apart from caramelized and flavored coffee beans. If you have switched to another coffee been flavor, the SAS system also needs 2-3 brews to adjust. Brew at least more than 3 coffees to let the system adjust to the settings.  
  2. Blocked grinder
    Some ground coffee is blocking the coffee funnel inside the machine because it cannot be transported to the brew group. To unblock the grinder you need to take out the brew group and clean the coffee funnel with a spoon handle. Location of the coffee funnel see picture 4. 
    1. Turn OFF the machine.
    2. Remove the grounds drawer and open the service door.
    3. Press the PUSH button and remove the brew group.
    4. Clean the coffee funnel thoroughly with a spoon handle.
    5. Thoroughly rinse the brew group with lukewarm water and carefully clean the upper filter. Let the brew group air-dry thoroughly.
    6. Clean the inside of the machine, reinsert the brew group and co¬ffee grounds drawer.
      Important! If the brew group does not stand in the rest position, it cannot be reinserted. See info below how to set the brew group in rest position.
    7. Close the service door.

How to set the brew group to rest position. 
If the brew group is not in rest position, it cannot be reinserted. 

    1. The lever must be in contact with the brew group base. If it is not, you can push it down into the correct position.
    2. The two arrow heads on the side of the brew group will now match.
    3. Make sure that the locking hook on the side of the brew group is in the correct position, which is uppermost. The hook is not correctly positioned if it is still in bottommost position. To position the hook correctly, push it upwards until you hear a soft click.
    4. Slide the brewing group into the machine.
    5. Insert the coffee grounds drawer back into the machine and close the service door.  

  1. The aroma setting.
    Choose your favorite coffee blend and adjust the amount of coffee to be ground until they meet your personal taste. You can also select the pre-ground coffee function.
    Three strength choices are possible by pressing the "" button. Each time the button is pressed, the aroma changes by one degree, according to the selected amount: 

    = Mild aroma
    = Medium aroma
    = Strong aroma
  2. Coarseness of the grinding.
    The finer the beans are ground, the more ingredients are absorbed by the water. This makes the coffee more aromatic and richer in flavor. Test different grind settings to determine which one you like.
    Warning: You can only adjust the grinder settings when the machine is grinding coffee beans. Use the grinder adjustment key supplied.
    1. Place a cup under the dispensing spout.
    2. Press the button for a large coffee.
    3. When the grinder starts to grind the beans, press the grinder adjustment knob down with the grinder adjustment key and turn the knob one notch to the right or the left.
    4. You will be able to taste the effect of the change in grind setting after brewing 2-3 cups of espresso.
    5. If you are not satisfied with the taste after brewing 3 cups of espresso, repeat the steps above to adjust the grind setting and assess the results.
      The reference marks inside the coffee bean hopper indicate the grind setting. 
      5 - Coarse grind: lighter taste, for dark roasted coffee blends
      1 - Fine grind: bolder taste, for light roasted coffee blends

  3. The set coffee length
    The machine allows you to adjust the amount of brewed coffee according to your taste and the size of your cups.
    Each time the  or  button is pressed, the machine brews a pre-set amount of coffee. Each button can be individually programmed for a specific brew setting.

    Note: If you want to reset the MEMO buttons to factory settings, go to the menu and select ‘yes’ at “Factory Settings”. Please be aware that this resets all settings to factory setting, not only the “memo” buttons, but also water hardness, temperature, water filter etc. The default setting for an espresso is approx. 82 ml and 220 ml for a long coffee. 


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