Coffee powder is behind the brew group and in the interior.


Because of the fineness of the ground coffee powder, some coffee powder residues in the interior and behind the brewing unit are normal. This is not a defect. We advise you to clean the inside of your machine with a damp cloth regularly.

After you switch to a different coffee type or after you have adjusted the grind setting to a finer grid, the amount of coffee powder ending up inside the machine may increase a little. The Saeco Adapting System s (SAS) needs up to 10 brewing cycles to adjust the coffee extraction to the fineness of the grind. 

Expert’s tip:
"If the mechanism does not operate frictionless, more ground coffee may end up inside the Syntia. The powder deposits on the brew group, causing even more friction. Clean the inside of the machine and the brew group and lubricate the brew group properly. "


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