What do the indications on the display mean?


 Personal settings

The appliance has a feature that allows you to personalize your settings. You can choose from three settings depending on your personal shaving needs: comfort, dynamic or efficiency. When you press the - or + button, the bar lights up white continuously.


Cleaning reminder

For optimal shaving performance, we advise you to clean the shaver after every use. When you switch off the shaver, the cleaning reminder flashes to remind you to clean the shaver.


Travel lock

You can lock the shaver when you are going to travel. The travel lock prevents the shaver from being switched on by accident. Press the on/off button for 3 seconds to enter or leave travel lock mode. 


Replacing shaving heads

For maximum shaving performance, we advise you to replace the shaving heads every two years. The appliance is equipped with a replacement reminder that reminds you to replace the shaving heads. The replacement reminder lights up white continuously and the arrows flash white. You hear a beep to indicate you have to replace the shaving heads. Note: After replacing the shaving heads, you need to reset the shaver by pressing the on/off button for 7


Exclamation point

Overheating: the appliance overheats during charging; the exclamation point flashes orange. When this happens, the shaver automatically switches off. Charging continues once the appliance is back to the regular temperature.


Exclamation point, replacement reminder and cleaning reminder

Blocked shaving heads: If the shaving heads are blocked, the exclamation point lights up orange continuously. The replacement reminder and the cleaning reminder flash white alternately and you hear a sound. In this case, the motor cannot run because the shaving heads are soiled or damaged. When this happens, you have to clean the shaving heads or replace them.

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