How long does the appliance keep coffee hot?


The default setting keeps your filter coffee warm for 30 minutes, after which the coffeemaker shuts off automatically to help you save energy.

You can adjust the time for which the appliance keeps coffee warm on the hotplate to a maximum of 120 minutes.

  1. Press and hold the clock button until the keep-warm time starts flashing on the display, and then release. 
  2. Press the + button or - button to adjust the keep-warm time. Every press of the button adds 10 minutes to the keep-warm time. 
    Tip: Press and hold the + or - button to fast-forward the time.
  3. Press the clock button to confirm.
    Note: The appliance automatically saves the set keep-warm time after 12 seconds.

You can repeat the above steps if you want to adjust the time again.

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