How do I use the Smart Calc clean container?


The Smart Calc clean container allows you to perform Calc clean process conveniently at your ironing area instead of going to the sink for example.

Perform the Calc clean process as shown in following video.

Important notes before you start the Calc clean process:
*Do not leave the appliance unattended during the Calc-Clean process.
*Caution: Do not interrupt the process by lifting the iron up from the Calc-Clean container, as hot water and steam will come out of the soleplate.
*Repeat the Calc clean process if necessary. Make sure that you empty the Calc clean container before you repeat the Calc clean process.
*During the Calc clean process, clean water may come out of the soleplate if no scale has accumulated inside the iron. This is normal. 

Calc clean steps as follows:
1. Fill up the water tank halfway.
2. Make sure that the appliance is plugged in and switched ON during the Calc-Clean process.
3. Place the Smart Calc-Clean container on the ironing board or any other even, stable surface
4. Place the iron stably on the Smart Calc-Clean container.

5. Press and hold the Calc-Clean button for 2 seconds until you hear short beeps
Note: The Smart Calc-Clean container has been designed to collect scale particles and hot water during the Calc-Clean process. It is perfectly safe to rest the iron on this container during the entire process. 
6. During the Calc-Clean process, you hear short beeps and a pumping sound. Wait approximately 2 minutes for the appliance to complete the process.
7. When the Calc-Clean process is completed, the iron will produce a long beep and then the appliance switches off by itself.
8. Wipe the iron with a piece of cloth and put it back on the base station.
9. As the Smart Calc-Clean container becomes hot during the Calc-Clean process, wait approximately 5 minutes before you touch it.
10. Carry the Smart Calc-Clean container to the sink, empty it and store it for future use.
11. If necessary, you can repeat steps 1 to 11. Make sure that you empty the Calc-Clean container before you start the Calc-Clean process.

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