What can I do with the appliance?


  • In the blender jar, you can make shakes, drinks and soups, crush ice cubes, prepare baby food, etc.
  • By using fruit filter (for specific model), you can make soy milk and all kinds of drinks (with or without alcohol). Put the fruit/beans in the filter (for quantities, consult the directions for use), add some liquid and all pips and skins will be filtered out of your drinks. Make sure the lid is on the jar before pouring out the drinks.
  • In the on-the-go cup, you can make your smoothies, shakes or juice directly. Remove the blade unit and attach the on-the-go lid. Then you can take the on-the-go cup out and drink directly from the lid.
  • In multi-chopper (for specific model), you can:
    - Chop ingredients such as onions, garlic, herbs, meat, vegetables, fruit, etc.
    - Grind dry ingredients such as peppercorns, sesame seeds, rice, wheat, coconut flesh, nuts (shelled), coffee beans, dried soy beans, dried peas, cheese, breadcrumbs, etc.
    - Always process cloves, star anise and aniseed together with other ingredients. If processed separately, these ingredients may attack the plastic materials of the appliance.
    - The multi-chopper is not suitable for chopping very hard ingredients like nutmeg and ice cubes.

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