What and how does the SmartPro Active clean?


What does the SmartPro Active clean?

This robot is equipped with features that make it a suitable cleaner to help you clean the floors in your home. The robot is especially suitable for cleaning hard floors, such as wooden, tiled or linoleum floors. It may experience problems cleaning soft floors, such as carpet or rugs. If you use the robot on a carpet or rug, please stay close by when using for the first time to see if the robot can deal with your floor. The robot also needs supervision when you use it on black and shiny hard floors.

How does the SmartPro Active clean?

Cleaning system
The robot has a 3-stage cleaning system to clean your floors efficiently.

  • The two side brushes help the robot clean in corners and along walls. They also help to work dirt loose from the floor.
  • The suction power of the robot picks up loose dirt and transports it through the suction opening into the dust container.
  • The robot comes with a dry wipe holder that allows you to clean your hard floor even more thoroughly.

Cleaning patterns

In auto-cleaning mode, the robot uses an automatic sequence of cleaning patterns to clean each area of the room optimally. The cleaning patterns it uses are:

  1. Z-pattern or zigzag pattern 
  2. Random pattern
  3. Wall-following pattern 
  4. Spiral pattern

During auto cleaning, the robot uses these patterns in a fixed sequence:

  1. The Z-pattern, followed by the random pattern 
  2. The wall-following pattern, followed by the spiral pattern 
  3. When the robot has completed this sequence of patterns, it starts moving in the Z-pattern again. The robot continues to use this sequence of patterns to clean the room until the rechargeable battery is empty, or until it is switched off manually.

If the robot detects a particularly dirty area during its cleaning run, it switches to spiral mode and to turbo fan speed to ensure thorough dirt removal.You can also select each mode individually by pressing the appropriate button on the remote control or pointer (FC8820 only).

How does the SmartPro avoid height differences?

The robot has three drop-off sensors on the bottom. It uses these drop-off sensors to detect and avoid height differences such as staircases. It is normal for the robot to move slightly over the edge of a height difference, as its front drop-off sensor is located behind the bumper.

Caution: In some cases, the drop-off sensors may not detect a staircase or other height difference in time. Therefore, it is important to monitor the robot carefully the first few times you use it, and when you operate it near a staircase or another height difference.

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