The reservoir door on my AirFloss will not close properly and/or stay closed, and liquids in the reservoir leak out. I have tried to re-install the door, but it still will not close and seal properly. Can I fix this?


If your reservoir door will not fully close to seat itself in the AirFloss handle, or if it will not stay closed, check the following.
If you have not yet tried to re-install the reservoir door on the AirFloss handle, try the following procedure at this time. Look at the hinge area on the handle where the door pivots open and closed. Are the two hinge pins on the door fully inserted in the two corresponding holes in the AirFloss handle near one end of the reservoir opening. If not, try re-installing the reservoir door, making sure the hinge pins are fully inserted into their holes. Contact the call center for a replacement door. Please note: The AirFloss Pro and AirFloss Ultra model has a door that is different in size from previous models of AirFloss. To avoid getting an incorrect replacement door, make sure you have your AirFloss handy for reference when you contact the call center or Support site.

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