I received a bottle of mouthwash with my AirFloss Pro or AirFloss Ultra. Do I need to continue to use the same brand of mouthwash?


The mouth product included in your AirFloss Pro or AirFloss Ultra package is based on the brands of mouthwash available in your locality. While we recommend the brand of mouthwash that comes packaged with your AirFloss, (for example: BreathRX or Listerine) you may purchase any commercially available mouthrinse that you prefer to use in your oral health care routine. Most mouthwashes can be used in the AirFloss. However, mouthwashes containing Isopropyl Myristate and other essential oils should not be used in the AirFloss as they can harm the plastics in the device. Also, do not use concentrated mouthwashes in AirFloss. These mouthwashes are identifiable by their glass or ceramic bottles or containers. Use of concentrated mouthwashes or mouthrinses in the AirFloss can also damage the plastics.

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