Dirty water and impurities come out from the soleplate, what should I do?


Too much scale and minerals have accumulated inside the
appliance. Descale the appliance regularly.
If scale builds up in the soleplate, follow the instructions below to descale the soleplate.
1. Remove the plug from the wall socket.
2. Place the appliance on the edge of the tabletop.
3. Hold a cup (with a capacity of at least 350 ml) under the
EASY DE-CALC knob and turn the knob anticlockwise.
4. Remove the EASY DE-CALC knob and let the water with scale
particles flow into the cup.
5. When no more water comes out of the appliance, reinsert the
EASY DE-CALC knob and turn it clockwise to fasten it.
6. Put the plug back into the earthed wall socket.

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