My robot only runs for a few minutes and then returns to docking station. What is the problem?


This can be caused if the rechargeable battery is not charged correctly.


  1. Check if the docking station is properly connected to the mains. 
    Plug the adapter into the mains and connect the plug to the docking station. If properly connected, the display on the docking station switches on and displays the clock digits. 

  2. Press the power switch to switch on the robot. 

  3. Place the robot properly on the docking station
    The two metal pins on the back of the robot needs to press onto the metal strips on the docking station.
  4. Check if the battery is being charged:
    1. On the display of the docking station the battery indicator starts to flash. 

    2. On the docking station display, the battery icon flashes and fills up to display fully charged battery icon.

  5. If error code E6 is visible on the display of the robot:
    1. Press the power switch to switch on the robot. The power switch is located on the side of the robot. 

    2. Check if the rechargeable battery has been inserted correctly.
      1. Place the robot upside down on a table or on the floor.
      2. Press the ribbed sections on the battery cavity to unlock it.
      3. Slide the battery cover off the robot.
      4. Check the position of the white rechargeable battery.
      5. Make sure that the print on the battery with the text "This side up" points upwards and that the connectors on the side point in the right direction. 

When the rechargeable battery is fully charged, the battery indicator on the display of the docking station and the light in the on/off button on the robot stop flashing. The robot can clean for up to 100 minutes on a fully charged battery.

If the solutions provided do not help to solve your problem, please contact the Philips Consumer Care Center in your country. Contact Page

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