What do the indications on the display mean?


Note: some models have one charging light while some other models have three charging progress bars.

Battery light flashing white slowly: The appliance is charging.

Battery light flashing white quickly (specific models only)
When the appliance does not contain enough energy for one shave, the battery charge indicator flashes quickly. When the battery charge indicator starts flashing slowly, the appliance contains enough energy for one shave.

Battery light lights up white continually: Battery is fully charged.

No lights at all while the shaver is connected to the mains: Battery is fully charged. When the battery is full, the display switches off automatically after 30 minutes.

Battery light flashes orange: Battery is almost empty.

Tap symbol (specific models only): When you switch off the shaver, the cleaning reminder flashes to remind you to clean the shaver.

Lock symbol: You can lock the shaver when you are going to travel. The travel lock prevents the shaver from being switched on by accident.

Shaving head symbol (specific models only): For maximum shaving performance, we advise you to replace the shaving heads regularly. The appliance is equipped with a replacement reminder that reminds you to replace the shaving heads. The replacement reminder lights up white continuously.

'T' symbol: Turbo setting (specific models only). The appliance is equipped with a Turbo or Turbo+ setting. This setting is intended for quicker and more intense shaving and makes hard-to-reach areas easier to shave.

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