Tips for using SENSEO® Cappuccino, SENSEO® Cafe Choco or flavored Cappuccino pods.


  1. Always put SENSEO® Cappuccino, SENSEO® Café Choco and flavored Cappuccino pods in the 2-cups pod holder of your SENSEO® machine.
  2. To get a delicious cup of Café Choco or a cup of full-bodied, highly aromatic Cappuccino, it is important that you press the 1-cup button.
  3. After you have brewed your Cappuccino, Café Choco or other flavored Cappuccino, we advise you to flush your SENSEO® machine to remove
    Café Choco or Cappuccino residues. 
    To flush your SENSEO® machine, place the 2-cup pod holder in the machine and press the 1-cup button. 
    You can also clean the 2-cup pod holder, the coffee spout and the coffee spout cover in the dishwasher.

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