How to prevent irritation


If you experience skin irritation during or after shaving, try the following 3 tips!

Apply gentle pressure
Be gentle during shaving. Don't press the shaver too hard against your skin. The top of the shaver should just touch the skin. Let the blade do the work.
The aim of shaving is to remove hair, not the top layer of your skin. Applying gentle pressure makes the hair stand upright, so that it doesn't get flattened beneath the shaver. When the hair is upright, it's easier to catch and to cut. Gentle pressure also reduces friction between the shaver and your skin, making shaving more comfortable.

Make small circular movements
Shave by making small circular movements of approx. 2 in over the skin.
Why Small circular movements ensure that the hair is approached from different directions. This increases the chance of catching the hair and results in greater hair removal efficiency. If you move the shaver in circles, you have a bigger chance of catching and cutting hair because you approach it from both vertical and horizontal directions. With linear movements, you approach the hair from only one direction, thereby reducing the chance of catching them.

Pre-trim if you haven’t shaved for a couple of days
If you haven't shaved for a number of days, trim before you start shaving.
By pre-trimming longer stubble, you reduce the length of hair so that fewer passes with the shaver are necessary. This leads to the shaver being in contact with your skin for a shorter time, which reduces skin sensitivity and increases skin comfort.
When hair is longer, it sometimes feels as though the hair is being pulled rather than shaved. Pre-trimming will prevent this.

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