The water flow in the tank is reduced, what can I do?


This can have several causes:

Cause: The microfiber pad is not placed correctly.

The microfiber pad covers the strip and blocks the water flow from the strip.

  1. Make sure that the Velcro strips on the mop and the Velcro strips on the water tank are perfectly aligned.
  2. Also, make sure the striped side of the mop is facing outwards, away from the bottom of the water tank.

Cause: The wetting strip is blocked by excessive residue.

  1. Remove the wetting strip. Rinse it thoroughly and rub it with a dry cloth.
  2. You can also let the strip soak overnight in a solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. Rinse thoroughly after soaking and rub it with a dry cloth.

Cause: The water tank is empty or nearly empty.

Refill the water tank.

Cause: You use a microfiber mop that is not supplied by Philips.

Only use an original Philips microfiber pad. You can buy these microfiber pads at your Philips dealer or in the Philips Online store under type number: FC8063.

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