Water drips from the holes of the soleplate during ironing. What should I do?


There may be 3 main reasons for the water drip:

1) Steam is used when the temperature is too low (in the non-steaming zone)
Refer to temperature dial (steaming zone - dark area)

Turn the temperature dial to the steaming zone and let the iron heat up in the heel-rest position for one minute before you resume ironing.

2) Your iron produces a lot of steam. Steam could have condensed on the board cover, making it wet and causing water marks on your garment when the iron is pressed on it.
Refer to question related to water leakage due to board condensation.

3) Ironing aids or fragranced water could have been added to the water tank. This retards the steaming function, causing water to leak. Use only water from the faucet or distilled water or a mix of these two types of water.

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