How can I create different styles with the appliance?


1. Making waves/volume in the hair:
a) Insert the brush into the hair tips and use the rotation with according direction to
roll-up the hairs to the hair roots.
b) Keep the brush at the hair roots until the hair is completely dry.
c) Remove the brush out of the hair by using the opposite rotation direction.

2. Styling the hair tips:
a) Insert the brush into the hair tips.
b) Choose the rotation direction for the desired result (inwards or outwards).
c) Activate the rotation and let it rotate at the hair tips to shape them until the hair is
completely dry and properly shaped.

3. Straighten the hair:
a) Insert the brush underneath your hair roots.
b) Pull the brush down the length of the hair from roots to tips without using the

4. Curl the hair
a) Place partial section of hair in the opening of the air curl attachment. Select Hot airflow setting.
b) PRESS and HOLD either of the rotation buttons until the remaining section of hair can no longer be seen.
c) Release the rotation button but hold the appliance in place for 30 seconds.
d) Switch to cool airflow for 10 seconds to fix the style.
e) Switch off the appliance and gently pull the hair strand out.

 For further information, please see user manual.

For further information (including pictures) see user manual.

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