What kind of dustbag can I use in the Performer Compact vacuum cleaner?


Philips has one standard dustbag that fits all Philips vacuum cleaners: the s-bag®. Only use a Philips s-bag®. Using other types or brands of dustbags might cause damage to the vacuum cleaner.

There are three versions that all fit your Philips vacuum cleaner:

  • Philips s-bag Classic (type number FC8021)
  • Philips s-bag Anti-allergy (type number FC8022): high filtration synthetic dustbag.
  • Philips s-bag Anti-odor (type number FC8023): ideal for people with animals like cats and dogs.

You can buy new dustbags in the Online store or at a store nearby. Most stores that sell Philips vacuum cleaners also sell dustbags for these vacuum cleaners. 

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