How do I perform descaling manually?


Warning: To avoid the risk of burns, unplug the appliance and let it cool down for at least two hours before you perform the descaling procedure.
Tip: When you perform the descaling procedure, place the appliance on the edge of the table top or near the sink. Water may flow out of the appliance when the EASY DE-CALC knob is being opened.
There are 3 steps to perform the DE-CALC:
1. Hold a cup (with a capacity of at least 350 ml) under the EASY DE-CALC knob and turn the knob anti-clockwise.
2. Remove the EASY DE-CALC knob and let the water with scale particles flow into the cup.
3. When no more water comes out of the appliance, reinsert the EASY DE-CALC knob and tighten it.

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