What is the difference between the Intelligent Sensitive brush and a normal/sensitive brush?


The Intelligent Sensitive cleansing brush is especially designed for sensitive, fragile and easily irritated skin. It comes with an NFC tag that allows the device to read the tag from the brush head. The NFC tag is visible if you look at the back of the brush through the transparent back.

Intelligent cleansing program
The Intelligent Sensitive brush activates an Intelligent cleansing program which:
has a 20% shorter program: two times 16 seconds for both cheeks and 18 seconds for the T-zone (nose and forehead). The normal cleansing program is three times 20 seconds.

  • has a 10% lower rotation speed than the normal cleansing program.
  • has a 25% lower vibration than the normal cleansing program.
  • Please note that the specialized program will only be activated while using VisaPure on setting 1.

How can you notice the difference?
If you use the Intelligent Sensitive brush, you will notice the following differences compared to a normal program:

  • A different sound due to lower vibration.
  • A slower brush movement due to lower rotation.
  • A shorter program due to shorter duration.

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