Can I buy a scent granule container for my Performer Ultimate vacuum?


Performer Ultimate FC8957 & FC8925 are equipped with a special S-Fresh scent granule container that can be placed in the grill of the exhaust filter to freshen and perfume the air while you vacuum.

Using S-Fresh in other Performer Ultimate vacuums
If you do not have Performer Ultimate FC8957 or FC8925 you are not able to use the specific S-Fresh scent granule container. However, you can order a package of S-Fresh scent granules and place the granules in the dust bag. By doing this, you can also freshen and perfume the air while you vacuum.

Ordering new S-Fresh Scent Granules
You can order a new set of S-Fresh lemon scent granules under type number FC8025 in our Online Shop or via a service center.


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