Why can't I play music stored on my USB device on the system?


  • File formats of the music in your USB device are not supported by the system. Only MP3 or WMA is supported by the system.
  • Music files are stored in your USB device with too many directory levels. Directory can nested up to a maximum of 8 levels in your USB device.
  • The file system of your USB device is not supported by the system. Make sure your USB is formatted in the correct file system – suggest using more common file system such as FAT12, FAT16 & FAT32.
  • Your USB device is not supported by the system. 
    • Check if your USB device can be charged via the USB port of your PC. If your USB device needs a separate power adaptor for charging (usually for larger size external hard disc), it may not be supported by the system.
    • Connect your USB device to your PC and then double click the My Computer icon at the desktop on your PC, if the USB device appears in the PC as a disc drive, it may be supported by the system. 
      Transfer your music files to another USB device (preferably in smaller size such as 4Gb or 8Gb) and then try again.

If trying all of the above does not help, it can be that the USB slot is defective. You can click Contact Page to contact our support for help.

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