Any tips for better maintenance of the earphone/headphone?


Yes. Below are some tips for better maintenance of the earphone/headphone:

When using the earphone/headphone:

  • Keep the cable untangled. 
  • Do not pull the cable.
  • Do not hold the headphone by the cable.
    • The weight of the headphone tends to pull and damage the cable if you hold it by the cable.
  • Avoid bending the cable at 90 degree. Bending may strain the connection inside the cable.
  • Avoid physical impact on any part of the product.
    • Do not overstress the headband; otherwise it may be permanently deformed.

After using the earphone/headphone:

  1. Unplug the earphone from music player.
    • When you unplug the headphone from a music player, grip on the connector and gently pull the connector from the music device. Do not pull by the cable.
  2. Before storing the earphone/headphone:
    a) Loosely wrap the cable around your hand, leaving about 10cm hanging off the end.
    b) Take the cable away from your hand.
    c) Wrap the remaining length of cable around the middle of the bundle.
    d) Place the earphone in a protective case or pouch.
  3. Store the earphone in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Clean the earphone/headphone if necessary:

  • If there is dirt or oxidized material on the connection plug, carefully clean the connection plug with a dry soft cloth.
  • If there is ear wax in the earphone, clean it before it get into the mesh. Otherwise it may block the acoustic channel.

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