How can I create flicks?


Decide if you want to create inward or outward flicks.

1 Hold the appliance in such a way that the curved plates will create the desired type of flick.
2 Take a section that is approximately 3–4 cm wide.
3 Place the section between the plates approx. 3–5 cm above the hair ends and press the handles of the appliance firmly together.
4 Slide the styler gently down the length of the hair in a few seconds.
When the plates are 3–5 cm above the end of the lock, slightly twist the appliance in the direction of the desired flick to get an optimal effect (see picture). Don't stop while you slide the styler down the lock to prevent overheating.
5 Repeat this process after 20 seconds until you have achieved the desired look.
6 Let the hair cool down. Do not comb or brush it before it has cooled down, as this would ruin the hairstyle you have just created.


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