How do I get the best hair cut?


Before you start:

  • If you want to cut very long hair, precut the hair with a pair of scissors or, if available, with a comb attachment for longer hair lengths.
  • Make sure that the hair is clean and dry. Do not use the appliance on freshly-washed hair or on hair to which any kind of styling gel has been applied, as this will not lead to a good clipping result.
  • Comb the hair in the direction of hair growth.

  • Check that the comb is fixed properly on the appliance and that you have chosen the right hair length setting.
  • Before contouring, determine carefully where you want the hair line to be.

During clipping: 

  • Start clipping at the back of the head and move on to the upper part of the head. Then clip the sides. Clip the top of the head from the front to the back.

  • Do not press the appliance onto the skin too firmly.
  • Move the appliance slowly against the hair growth direction, with the teeth of the comb pointing up.
  • Make sure that the flat part of the comb is always fully in contact with the scalp.
  • Contour the neckline and the hair around the ears without the comb attached.

Clipping tips: 

  • The hairs on different parts of your head grow in different directions, you have to change the clipping direction on the head several times to make sure that all hairs are cut to the same length. Move upwards, downwards, and from left to the right, especially when cutting cowlicks. Move the appliance along the curls when the hair is growing in curls.
  • Regularly remove cut hair from the comb. If a lot of hair has accumulated in the comb, remove it from the appliance and blow and/or shake the hairs out. Also remove the clipped hair from your head.

  • Comb the hair frequently during clipping to make sure that cut hairs are removed and that the hairs lie in the right position. This enables you to easily detect unevenly cut areas, and makes clipping easier and faster.
  • If you want to clip your hair for a certain occasion, we advise you to clip your hair about a day earlier. This will ensure that your hair will look its best at this occasion.


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