VIDEO - How do I clean & maintain my Philips shaver?


Watch our short tutorial video or follow the instructions below.

Top tips for keeping your shaver clean and well maintained:

  1. Shaver heads should last around 2 years but this is dependant on how frequently you shave, how thick your facial hair is and how often you clean the shaver
  2. If you're using wet shaving using an alcohol-based pre-shave lotion ensure you wash your hands before picking up the shaver otherwise it could tarnish
  3. Also, during wet shaving be sure to rinse the head under the tap every now and again to clean out any foam and hair. Shake off the water but do not tap on the basin as this will cause damage to the shaver.
  4. Dismantle the shaving head and give a thorough clean roughly every 3 months to keep it working at its best

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