Does straightening damage my hair?


If you are sensible and use hair straighteners within certain boundaries, you will find that you do not damage your hair. If you did not achieve the desired look the first time, wait 20 seconds before repeating this process. Make sure you allow your hair at least a full day's and night's rest to give it the chance to recover.

Heat can cause hair damage as split ends or dried-out hair. If you use a hair straightener regularly, your hair will need extra care, e.g. by applying heat serum after washing, heat resistance creams and smoothing balms. Lots of these products also have shine enhancers, such as silicone, that will help prevent the dehumidification of straightened hair.

Good maintenance of the straightener is also essential to prevent damage to the hair. Make sure you keep the heating plates clean. The styling products that you use in your hair can end up on the plates and cause deposit that may cause hair to break or that may catch and pull the strands of hair.

The general viewpoint is that you can safely use your straightener on a regular basis, however, the more often you use it, the more care you need to take of your hair.

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