How do I flush the appliance?


We strongly advise you to flush the appliance after every use to prevent dirt from accumulating and bacteria from growing inside.

Note: If you have flushed your appliance and it remains dirty, you can clean each part separately.

Flushing instructions:

1. Switch off the appliance, place the appliance upright in the parking position and pull the plug out of the wall outlet.

2. Fill the clean water tank with water and empty the dirty water.

Note: Make sure the clean water tank is filled and the dirty water tank is empty before you start flushing the appliance to prevent interruption of the flushing process. Interruption of the process has a negative effect on the flushing result.


3. Fill a measuring cup with 300 ml of water. Place the appliance on the flushing tray.

Note: If you wish, you can add some liquid floor cleaner to the water.

4. Pour the water slowly into the flushing tray. Make sure the water level does not exceed the MAX indication.

5. Put the household power plug in the wall outlet and switch on the appliance.

6. Let the appliance operate until the water in the flushing tray is used up. This takes approximately 15 seconds. 


7. Switch off the appliance and unplug it. 

8. Open the mopping nozzle lid, remove the mopping brush cover and check that the inside is clean. Rinse the flushing tray under running water after flushing.

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