The appliance leaves water traces on the floor. What can I do?


When the appliance leaves water traces on the floor, this may have several causes. Please check all possible causes with your appliance.
All possible causes:

You have moved the appliance sideways.
Only move the appliance forward and backward.
You moved the appliance across a threshold while it was switched on.
Make sure the mopping brushes stay in contact with the floor. Switch off the appliance before you pull it over a threshold to prevent water traces on the floor and to prevent water from splashing from the mopping nozzle.
You lifted the appliance from the floor immediately after you switched it off.
After you switch off the appliance, move it forward and backward a few times to remove the liquid that is present between the two mopping brushes. If you switch off the appliance and lift it up immediately afterward, the water that was present between the brushes leaves a trace of water on the floor.
The wheels are blocked.
Check the condition of the wheels. Remove the dirt that is blocking the wheels.

If the above answer did not help to solve your problem, please contact the Philips Consumer Care Center in your country. Contact Page

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