Which accessories and spare parts are available for the Performer Active vacuum cleaner?


The following accessories and spare parts are available:

Replacement kit FC8059


Original replacement kit for the Philips Performer Active range. The kit contains six dust bags, one motor and one exhaust filter which need to be replaced once a year. Typenr: FC8059.

Separate dust bags

Next to the replacement kit, you can also order there three s-bag versions that all fit your Philips vacuum cleaner:

  • Philips s-bag Classic (FC8021)
  • Philips s-bag Anti-allergy  (FC8022) - high filtration synthetic dustbag
  • Philips s-bag Anti-odor (FC8023) - ideal for people with animals like cats and dogs

Spare parts

  • Hose and handgrip - Typenr: CP0232/01
  • Telescopic tube with active lock - Typenr: CP0234/01 4
  • Crevice tool - Typenr: CP0236/01
  • Turbo brush - Typenr: CP0237/01
  • TriActive+ Nozzle (optimized for FC857x models) - Typenr: FC8075/01
  • Hard Floor Nozzle (optimized for FC857x models) - Typenr: CP0230/01
  • MultiClean Nozzle (optimized for FC858x models) - Typenr: CP0231/01

Ordering spare parts and accessories

There are different ways to obtain new dustbags and filters. Please note that the options available may differ per country.

  • Online: Visit our Online store or retailer webshops. 
  • At a store nearby: Most stores that sell vacuum cleaners also sell accessories or can order them at Philips.
  • At service centers: Most service centers that repair vacuum cleaners sell accessories or can order them at Philips.

If the above solution did not help to solve your problem, please contact Philips Consumer Care in your country: Contact Page

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