What is the difference between the various user modes on the parent unit: Video, Audio, VOX and ECO?


See below list for an explanation on the available modes on your baby monitor.

  • Video mode: the screen and sound of the parent unit are always on.
  • Audio mode: only audio will be activated. The display of the parent unit switches off when AUDIO mode is activated. The link light shows that the parent unit is still on and connected to the baby unit. SCD630 only: the sound level lights above the screen will light up green when sound from the baby unit is heard. All normal correspondence with the baby unit is possible via the talk back, lullaby, menu and sensitivity buttons.
  • VOX mode: The display and sound of the parent unit switch off if there is no sound detected for 20 seconds (or not enough sound above the sensitivity setting). Both display and sound will be activated immediately when your baby cries and the sensitivity threshold is passed. When the sound drops below the sound threshold, the video will remain active for 20 seconds. When one of the control buttons is pressed (brightness or volume), the device shall display video for roughly 5 seconds. Also the lullaby menu is accessible.
  • ECO mode: The display and sound of the parent unit switch off when no sound is detected for 20 seconds. Eco Mode reduces power consumption during quiet times while keeping you connected to your baby. In ECO mode the ECO LED light is green and the device will operate on a different connection modus. In ECO mode the parent unit uses the 2 seconds ping mechanism to check the connection with the baby unit instead of a continuous radio frequency connection. Therefore the Baby Unit will also consume less energy in ECO mode.

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