The household power goes off when the appliance is switched on or in use. Does the appliance cause a power failure?


In general, Steam and Go 2-in-1 is designed for occasional use, steaming max. 1 item at a time, possibly when you are traveling. StyleTouch Pure is designed for more frequent use, steaming up to 3 items without the water tank needing to be refilled and delivering faster results. More specifically, StyleTouch Pure has up to 28 g/min steam, 1500 W, and a 200-ml water tank, and can stand on its own. GC442 models have a StyleMat for even better results and more convenience. Steam and Go 2-in-1 has up to 24 g/min steam, 1000 W (GC330) or 1200 W (GC332), a 60-ml water tank, and a storage pouch (GC332).

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